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Modern Enterprise

Learn how to start, run, and grow companies on the Internet.
Filled with case studies, interviews , practical knowledge and next action plans, this book is a must for those that want to learn how to make the right right technology decisions.

The Benefits

  • Understand the role of People and Processes
  • Make technology decisions that save time and money
  • Learn to build a modern company that runs on the Internet

Contexts of Modern Enterprise

The Concepts

  • Contexts – People, Processes, Information, Systems
  • Areas – Check out the Prezi to learn about them.
  • Dimensions – Internal & External

Modern Enterprise Hackathon

Upcoming Events

We’re always conducting Webinars and Workshops for those interested in learning about and applying the Concepts in a collaborative environment.

The Modern Enterprise is a collaboration of experts around a core-team. Our events feature experts in their respective areas.

Participate in the Research

Revision One

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