99U.com is one of my favorite blogs and has served as an inspiration for what we want to achieve for Asitchanges.com in entrepreneurshipThis article on Innovation by David Burkus lists the common characteristics for ideas that spread.

  1. Relative Advantage – Is it first, only, better, or cheaper?
  2. Compatibility – Is it something I can get used to because I’m used to something else?
  3. Complexity / Simplicity – Keep it Stupidly Simple.
  4. Trialability – Can I check it out without buying it?
  5. Observability – Is it something I can see?

We struggle with these concepts in our Research & Development projects and the work we do for our clients. As we tinker on Asichanges.Next, the next version of this site to get us closer to our vision of a living book on modern entrepreneurship, it’s good to be reminded that our success will be dependent on how well the idea can spread and not just how good the idea or how well we execute on it.