The Internet of Things is around you. It is not quite The Matrix, but it may be closer than you think. The Internet of Things is real and as networked computing pervades every aspect of our daily lives, you will start to see more of it. Our firm has banked on the trend that the Internet, as a utility, is now as important as water and electricity.

Earlier this year Cisco’s CEO John Chambers blogged about the implications of the Internet of Things and why it’s important to start paying attention. KPCB also agrees. When I researched the IoT/IoE to write a research paper on the Future of the Internet, I found what I had read in Science Fiction was now real.

  1. Toys such as Mini-helicopters controlled by smart phones
  2. Farms with ground sensors that reported back on the soil quality and moisture over the web
  3. Garage doors, lights, air-conditioning units controlled by smart phones
  4. Cars that update themselves
Originally found on Engadget post by James Trew
Originally found on Engadget post by James Trew

These are just a few of the examples of what is happening. As technology becomes smaller, the Internet of Things will become invisible and you will be part of it. Want to learn more? Read up.

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