Mintigo’s whitepaper on Creating Personas for B2B Marketing is a self-proclaimed “Step-by-Step guide to Targeting Quality Leads.” The short 17 page white paper will give you, the modern entrepreneur, a reason to think about the social data related to leads as a “big data” problem. This is obviously the problem that Mintigo’s InterestBase solves.

  • Step 1: Map your product to potential interests
  • Step 2: Prioritize the most impactful interest
  • Step 3: Identify predictors of interest
  • Step 4: Score leads against interests

The whitepaper also provides general and specific examples for each step that you can carry out without needing to buy or implement any technology.

  • Content Checklist for Each Persona
  • Using a LinkedIN Profile’s Group membership to gauge professional interests
  • Using a Twitter Profile’s follow list to see what influences them
  • Using Facebook‘s Graph Search to find people interested in a specific topic
  • Using Google Trends to see what is impacting your industry

Regardless of where your firm stands in understanding how to leverage the social data available for your lead and prospect scoring, this whitepaper will introduce you to ideas which you may be able to use today. Remember, technology only helps those most who know what they are doing. Otherwise, it’s just another toy.