Prezi – The Journey of the Modern Thought Leader, a self-publishing website, has published a simple yet artful Prezi presentation on how today’s thought leaders need to be able to understand and utilize different technologies and tools to spread their knowledge. Here are some of their suggestions.

  • Start a blog – this is the easiest thing to do with discipline.
  • Get social – also not hard, but requires disciplined time.
  • Articles & Interviews – easier than you think, with effort.
  • Varying Content – more effort but not impossible.
  • Self Published Books – up for debate, but who can argue with “I’ve got a book.”

In our firm’s own journey to be thought leaders in the area of Modern Entrepreneurship, we’ve been doing the research and have found the business world wanting of simpler ways to organize People, Processes, Information, and Systems. This blog is one of the ways we keep our own ideas fresh as we continue to propagate ours to the world. As stated in the video in the “The Journey of the Modern Thought Leader,” Prezi is a great way to get ideas out.


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