JFK once gave a speech which inspired the country to go to the moon. When JFK was touring one of the sites that the Apollo missions was developed at, he had a conversation with a janitor. When asked how the janitor was doing and what he was working on, he replied “I’m helping America get to the moon.”

In our company we set five priorities every week to accomplish. The company has a priority list, as do the different divisions. To be an effective team we need to share a common vision with common goals. Once we have a common vision and plan to achieve it, we need to know what our constraints are. Like most companies we have the constraints of time and money. There are also constraints of what we know how to do and how slow or fast we can learn how to do something new. There also other constraints of the laws of the land and policies we have to live by. When we are clear about what we can and can’t do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a yearly basis we need to prioritize from the top down and execute.

The Vision – the big hairy audacious goal – for our company is to run every company in the world using our software: Appleseed Portal. I want any entrepreneur in the world to be able start a company in 24 hours. I want to provide them resources to learn through sites like Asitchanges.com and build relations with products like Mindful. While we give people the best tools we can provide, we are also providing a place for entrepreneurs to integrate all of the other SaaS tools they use to run the different processes of their company.

To get there we are bootstrapping by providing professional services and incubating other products that run on top of Appleseed. This means that we don’t have infinite money. Each dollar that we spend on labor is earned by us. Our firm is striving for excellence in our field of internet architecture & strategy. In doing that we are also simultaneously creating the best place to become an internet architect, strategist, and entrepreneur. By combining the practice areas of Internet Architecture, Internet Strategy, Enterprise Development, and Enterprise Operations we are creating a factory for ideas to become companies.