Modern Enterprise – People – Practice vs. Game

Modern Enterprise – People – Practice vs. Game

There are two realities in business when it comes to people. First, the market is like a game and to be good at playing it takes skills. The game consists of other players that are competing for customers and affecting your production and delivery. Practice consists of personal mastery and team learning. The enterprise builder must play two roles in the business. The first and foremost responsibility is as the captain of the team. The second is to be a coach. These two roles are not always the only roles but they are important, and intimately tied to the success of the company. These two coincide at times. Other times, the two roles are exclusive in different parts of the business. An example would be if the CEO must act in order to make sure a certain delivery goes without a hitch. They must use the best and most prepared players to “win” the delivery. This is especially true of small companies. Certain parts of the business are always in “game” mode. In these cases, the CEO cannot always be Teacher, and must lead as Executive. In these cases, there is no room for “training” or “practice.”

Practice areas are meant to be where our human capital is developed. “Responsibility Areas” are exactly as stated. If the responsibilities are not held up by capable hands, the company does not function. Plain and simple. There is no room for error. The people we develop in the Practice Areas are built into the capable hands we need in business’s Responsibility Areas.
Here is an example. The most important Responsibility Area is “Products & Services.” All client and portfolio projects are delivered as part of this responsibility.

At Anant, we offer one service line “Presence & Strategy.” The practice areas of “Internet Architecture” and “Internet Strategy” produce Internet Architects and Internet Strategists. When it comes down to a critical moment in delivery for a project, the leader has to prioritize the clients needs against the need of someone just learning the ropes. Their time will come. Here is another example. Another very important “Responsibility Area” is “Finance & Accounting.” Certain processes in this area need to be executed for the proper functioning of the company. Money is like electricity. If it doesn’t flow from Accounts Receivables to Accounts Payables, there is no business. It is the heart of the “game.”

The folks that learn in the practice areas can then help run our company when they are ready. Above all, the primary concern is always time. The enterprise builder must balance time to carry out the correct actions at the right time and the right place.


So that’s it from Anant for today! Are you looking for help right now with strategy to push your own business through the startup phase? If so, drop us a note here and let’s chat! We specialize in helping small business leverage the power of the internet to scale their business from an early stage.


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