5 Email Marketing Tips for Great Content

Having trouble converting your email list subscribers to actual customers? Many times getting people to sign up for your emails is only half the battle.  How do you create engaging content that will generate views, clicks, and ultimately sales? Check out these 5 tips for email marketing success:

1. Strategic link placement
Link/button placement can be critical.  If your only call to action is located beneath a mountain of text you will likely find that readers don’t want to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.  If people are willing to buy your product or service they shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out how to do it.  Place your calls to action and links to landing pages in prominent locations and in large font.

2. Keep it short and sweet
Remember that your readers are just as busy as you are.  The reality is that most readers will only give you about two sentences worth of their time.  So make sure that you grab the reader quickly and make your pitch in a just a few sentences.

3. Be persistent but not pushy
Some studies suggest that it takes up to 20 imprints to make an impression online. That means you need to be sending content regularly and striving to keep it fresh and engaging.  However, there is a large difference between being persistent and pushy. One thing you don’t want to do is annoying your subscribers into unsubscribing or marking your emails as spam.

4. Analyze and adjust
Most good email marketing systems have robust analytics.  They will let you see which parts of your emails are getting read the most and which links are getting clicked the most.  If you integrate this system with Google Analytics you can even see how many people on your email list are buying your product or service and the exact path they took to get there.  Be sure to monitor these analytics routinely and adjust your content to be even better.

5. Be personal – include names and other specifics
The more information you have about the individuals on your email list the better.  You can craft specific messages to various age groups or customers in various geographic regions.  This will help you produce more targeted emails and have a higher conversion rate.  For example, if you have identified a segment of your subscribers as students considering sending an email just to that group for back-to-school sales.


As always, if you want more insight and advice about crafting an effective email marketing campaign, speak to one of our Anant Internet Strategists at Anant.us.


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