Modern Enterprise – Process – Approach

I’ve been writing for 21 days about mostly people issues. I’m going to shift gears a little to talk about process. Have you ever talked with someone who says that they are working on a business? I have talked with hundreds of people. My first question is usually “are you creating a product or delivering a service?” After that, it’s “who are you selling it to?” and then “How are you doing it?” The question of “how” doesn’t always have to be answered. It is the secret sauce of the business. It is the process of how the company creates its offering. If it is a product company, the process is important because otherwise there will not be a product. If it is a service company, the process is the product. Every enterprise builder is a builder of structures and processes. Some of the structures are of people, others of technology or physical materials. Some of the processes are of people, and others of technology, information, physical goods, etc. Without the people, there are no people processes. Without the information, there are no information processes. Processes and People are interdependent. In any business, there will always be a set of primary processes which drives the business forward. At any given time, this set of primary processes is what is at the heart of the company. Here are some examples.

1. Bentley – The build of the Mulsanne – 9 weeks
2. McDonald’s – The preparation of a Big Mac – 5 mins
3. Anant – Delivering Presence & Strategy – 4-20 weeks.

There are other processes of course. These may fall into different areas within the company. Our firm has five Responsibility Areas. In “Products & Services,” delivering our sole “Presence & Strategy”  service line is the primary process. It is primary because that is our only service. It is primary because it is what earns our revenue.

What is your primary process? Why is it primary? What can you do to make it better?


So that’s it from Anant for today! Are you looking for help right now with strategy to push your own business through the startup phase? If so, drop us a note here and let’s chat! We specialize in helping small business leverage the power of the internet to scale their business from an early stage.