Modern Enterprise Series – Making a Process Map

At our company, we work in different practice areas, however each practice area is responsible for doing their part and the lines can sometimes blur. Why would an Internet Architect have a Finance & Accounting task or process? If they bill time and materials to clients, then it is important for them to manage both their time and, if necessary, that of their team members. As our organization has grown, the need for documenting these processes has become apparent. The dire need for a process map hit me in the face. Without one, we would not have any idea how long it takes for someone to do a job and we would not be able to estimate projects properly. Now we have weekly expected processes that need to be done at the corporate level. We are working our way to the monthly and daily processes as well. We also document what each person is working on. This is to reduce overlap in an agile firm where everyone is adding value. The combined process map and an estimate of how long things take gives us a clearer picture of labor costs in relation to how long it takes to produce or provide an offering.