Ways to Use Pinterest for Business: Part 1

1. Use Original Pictures to Drive Traffic

a. Check out the Popular Section on Pinterest, you’ll notice that a lot of the pictures and images in that section are original and/or unique. If you want to be successful in driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog/website, focus on creating unique pictures.

Original pictures from the popular section on Pinterest


2. Re-pin Other’s Content to Gain Followers

a. Pinterest isn’t all about pinning your content. You need to share other people or businesses content too. Keep an eye out for other’s content to re-pin. The content should be carefully picked and relate to your product or service, if you want to successfully build the following you want for your brand.


3. Create Catalogs to Help with Sales

a. Creating catalogs on pinterest can be a really effective way to drive traffic to your website and help increase sales.



4. Host Competitions

a. Pinterest allows you to create picture competitions. This is a great way to get fans involved. Let your fans know what the prize is for winning the competition you plan to create, then ask them to take a picture and share it to win.


5. Get Fans Involved

a. You can get your fans involved to help spread the word. Pinterest gives you the option to allow other contributors to your pinboards. You should choose some of your favorite or most active fans and ask them to pin pictures onto your pinboards.


6. Pin Offers

a. You can create a unique image about your latest offer(s) and pin it to a pinboard. You should create a pinboard exclusively for your latest offers. This should be accessible for Pinterest users only.


7. Decide if Pinterest and your Brand are Cohesive

a. Before you get your hands messy, take the time to figure if your brand is compatible with Pinterest.



8. Pin It

“Pin it” buttons

a. Be sure to add the “pin it” button to your product to your product/service pages, so visitors, followers, and customers can pin your products/services onto pinterest. You will also want to add the Pinterest “follow” button to your website, alongside your other social buttons.

9. Know your Customers/Followers

a. Create boards that fit with the lifestyle or demand of your customers/followers.


10. Categorize your Boards

a. When you categorize your pinboards, more people are likely to view your pins. This also establishes some sort of organization.


11. Tell a Story

a. It is important that each pinboard is themed and tells a story about the mood and personality of (your) products. You don’t want your boards to be just about your products though because it’s than just an advertisement, which is a major turn off and a way to lose customers.


12. Create Content strictly for Pinterest

a. You want to give fans a reason to follow your business on Pinterest; otherwise they can just see the same thing on your facebook page.


13. Pinteresting Images

a. You want your images to be well-lit, interesting compositions, and vibrant imagery. This is a sure way to catch the eye of your followers or potential followers.

Pinteresting Picture: Infographic of The Internet a Decade Later (2002-2012)
Infographic by bestedsites.com


14. Include your URL

a. It is important to include your website URL, name, and prices of items in the description. This helps with SEO and provides good detail for customers ready to buy.


15. Community Etiquette

a. Be sure to follow, like, comment, and re-pin others. This will help you sustain involvement and build relationships throughout the Pinterest community.


16. Employee Involvement

a. Get your staff Pinterest accounts and create engagement.


17. Time your Pins to Appear when your Customers are Most Likely to be Online

a. These times are usually lunchtime, close to the end of the business day, and before bedtime (this may be difficult to do if your customers are in several time zones or you have a diverse audience).




18. Share Data

a. Pinterest is a great place to share date in the form of charts and infographics.





19. Find Out Who’s Pinning your Images- and What your Competitors and Their Customers are Pinning

a. “All businesses should be using Pinterest for competitive intelligence, to see now only what their competitors are pinning but what users are pinning from their competitors’ sites,” says Tricia Meyer, a marketing consultant specializing in affiliate marketing who runs MeyerTech, LLC.


Recently, more businesses with visual products and/or services are using Pinterest to create and engage with a community of followers. Pinterest can be an additional asset to a company because it is a tool that will help you build brand loyalty and relationships within a specific community. It is very important to have a good strategic plan in place when using Pinterest. In addition, you must remember to be creative, unique, professional, compelling and use high quality images. As a result, you should see more traffic and leads to your website and/or business. Anant can help you do this by developing an online presence and strategies for your business. Anant will make sure you stay on track and execute on an exceptional strategic plan for Pinterest.

Contact us at: www.anant.us/site/299/Default.aspx or visit our website at: www.anant.us.




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