Modern Enterprise – Process – Conversion of Prospect to Client

Rainmaking is the king of all processes in business. If you can’t sell, it won’t matter how good the product or service is. How can you convince your prospect to buy? How can you get them to say yes? There are several great books that talk about sales, and closing a deal is
the hardest but most sought after goal in business. If we’ve done our other Pre-sales processes well, our preparation will have placed us at the right time and the right place to make our move to close the deal. Here is how we close:

1. Believe in your solution – If you don’t believe that your solution can actually help the person either solve a pain or gain a pleasure, you need to walk out. Trying to sell them for the sake of selling them, is not going to make them a first time customer or a recurring customer.

2. Convey the message earnestly – You don’t need a tablet pc, a projector, amazing slick folders, and a Mont Blanc pen to convey your message. Your message should be simple. Your message should resonate from the mission of the company. Your message should be a simple
promise that you can actually deliver with the help of your product or service team. If you can’t, then leave immediately. The tablet, projector, and slick collateral can help, but if you can’t sell using your own words, no amount of lipstick will make a pig look pretty.

3. Create a sense of urgency – People buy when there is a sense of urgency. This doesn’t mean that you tell the client the world is going to end, or that they are lost without you. It just means that you have to show in some way that the offer will expire. Not all offers can
stick around forever. It’s not in your best interest to leave an open ended offer. This can be done differently for different types of sales (e.g. a discount now, vs a higher price later; availability to deliver the service; availability of the product.)

4. Close the deal – Make it easy to close the deal. This means that whatever they have to do after saying yes has to be simple. Using e-Signatures helps. Complicated contracts don’t help, but having standard ones for every client means that you don’t have to waste time after an agreement to buy. Keeping a simple contract process will make you and the client better off.