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Today on the Worthy Web we bring you a host of useful DIY style internet content tools that you can make use of immediately to help improve your flow, and improve your business online. If you deal with any media content on the internet, if you deal with any type of regular recurring task online, you’ll want to see some of what we’ve got lined up below.

Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com Fame Shows You How to Edit Videos in Depth

Andrew interviews a lot of entrepreneurs on a regular basis, and uses Skype, Screenflow, and Call Recorder by Ecamm to produce his finished videos. He sometimes films as many as three interviews per day, so he has his process flow down to an art.

Audio Editing Using Mechanical Turk

If you’ve ever had to do transcription or extended audio editing, you know how much of a painful, and time consuming process it can be. Andy Balo tells us here how to make use of Amazon Mechanical Turk to get large audio files edited and transcribed on the cheap, and on the fast, without sacrificing too heavily on quality. A truly excellent write up.

Creative Ideas for Using UStream in Your Business

U Stream is an excellent live video streaming platform, and has been utilized by uber famous folks like Gary Vaynerchuck and Ashton Kutcher to mobilize their hordes of Twitter followers to take action around some cause. Even if you don’t have hordes of twitter followers of your own, you can come here to see how people have captured head-shaving contests, and live-streamed concerts using U Stream. How can live streaming video better engage your target audience?

Question of the Day:

How can these tools help improve, automate, or simplify complex processes in your business, or personal life?

Img Credit: Library of Congress