Modern Enterprise – Process – Sales & Marketing

This begins the series that outlines the major processes within our areas of responsibility. I will revisit and define how they work in more detail later. For now, these bullets should give you a good start in planning out the sales and marketing processes at your firm.


1. Conversion of Contact to Lead
This tends to be easily done by asking a few questions regarding whether they are capable of being helpful in the business cycle.

2. Conversion of Lead to Prospect
Prospects are those that are serious enough to do business now. They have a direct opportunity which can be closed.

3. Conversion of Prospect to Client
Clients are those that have signed a contract or have paid for a service. Marketing


1. Publishing and Broadcasting an Article
Involves several people to help draft, edit, publish an article and then push it out using email, Twitter, RSS, facebook, and LinkedIn.

2. Converting a Visitor to a Web Lead
Convincing a site visitor on a landing page to fill out a form which creates a lead in the CRM

3. Aggregating and Curating (aggcurating) content
Aggcurating content for the purpose of building a center of knowledge for a subject helps build credibility in search engines. These are just some of the processes that need to be carried out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Continuous execution of these processes results in paying clients who buy Products and Services.