IFTTT and Zapier – SaaS Integration for Dummies

Software as a Service (SaaS) has taken the world by storm because it is the most efficient way for a group of people to create and distribute software to millions of people at the lowest cost.

Until recently, moving information out from a SaaS provider was akin to pulling teeth. Users were limited to few options. The first, if it was even available, was to download an exported backup of data as a CSV or XML file. Another option was to integrate via REST or SOAP API. Neither of these options really help business users, unless they are not only technically savvy, but also programming handy.

Last year, Cooper Dukes , one of our Associates, told me about IFTTT.com and it really blew my mind. IFTTT.com allowed me to setup “triggers” on a variety of websites and then setup “actions” on other websites.  

Click here to visit ifttt.com

Here are a few examples of “recipes“:
  • “If” the word “website” comes up in “craigslist” send an email to me.
  • “If” the word “business” comes up in a tweet, add that user to my list “Business Folks”
The basis of IFTTT.com is very simple. If something happens on a public software as a service or website, do something else on another website or saas. IFTTT.com is useful for watching for triggers on public cloud applications and for starting actions on the same.
What if? What if there was something like that for business apps like Basecamp or Trello? Well, much to my surprise, actually not surprised at all, there is something out there now.
If This Then That now has a friend for business users. It’s called Zapier. 

Zapier is IFTTT for busienss users. It has a combination of SaaS bug, task, project management, document management, and email marketing systems that can be used to create simple interactions. Zapier calls their combinations of triggers and actions “Zaps”.

Here are a few example Zaps:

  • New Project on Basecamp Classic should Create a new Document in Google Docs
  • New Client on Freshbooks should Create new Board on Trello
  • New Entry on Wufoo Forms should create a new Contact in Google Contacts

This Zapier tool is amazing. If it sustains it’s service, it will be really useful to small businesses everywhere. I am excited about Zapier because it offers us a quick and dirty integration layer for our business as well as for our clients.

If you need help figuring out how Zapier can help you, feel free to contact us. I can’t wait to figure out a way to feature in Appleseed Portal. Appleseed Portal is our open source business portal which makes it easy to run and operate an organization completely from the internet with the help of SaaS platforms.


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