Worthy Web: Internet Analytics Tools Breakdown

Today on the Worthy Web we bring you a host of important tools and reviews which you can use if you’re trying to get some data on your online business. One of the most important parts of any online business is its online marketing. If you’re presently conducting online marketing campaigns and aren’t gathering any information about how effective they are, about how many people are clicking on which links, and about how your online sales funnel is converting, you stand to gain much insight into your customer’s minds by making use of some of the tools below.

1. Facebook Analytics Tools from Adam Shark

An excellent overview of different SaaS options for tracking FB data for your FB fan page, including the very interesting Page Lever, which has “positioned itself as Facebook insights on steroids.”

2. Clicky

First discovered in Andrew Warner’s interview with Wistia founder Chris Savage, and used by superstar Gary Vaynerchuck, Clicky allows you to track clicks on your site in real time, and tag people based on the number of pages they have visited, the number of times they have returned to your site, and a host of other options.

3. Wistia

Wistia is the most comprehensive and in depth real time video analytics software we have seen at Anant. Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com uses it to host his interviews, and if your business makes use of video content in any way, shape, or form, you’ll have fun playing with their Video Analytics heat mapping page.

4. Best Free Twitter Analytics Tools, also from Adam Shark

Adam offers us another excellent overview of the freely available Twitter tracking and analytics tools on the market at present.

5. PiWik

An open source alternative to Google Analytics which offers nearly the same level of depth and insight into your web traffic as Google Analytics would. We specifically point this option out after hearing from knowledgable SEOs that Google has used data from Google Analytics on sites in the past to penalize them for certain SEO practices.

6. Mailchimp for Email Analytics

We at Anant often recommend Mailchimp to our clients for getting data and analytics on their email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp will give you breakdowns on open rates, click-through rates, and offer your educational resources to teach you how to improve your email marketing tactics.

7. VisualWebSiteOptimizer

All the information you need to split test different versions of your landing pages, or of your website(s), in order to boost your conversion rates. Companies as big as Microsoft and Groupon have used VisualWebSiteOptimzer, so there’s a chance your small business may be able to do the same!


That’s it from us at Anant today, folks. These are some of the tools in our arsenal, and if you’re ever looking to speak with an internet strategist about how your company can benefit from an in depth analysis, or about how you may be able to grow through a new online strategy making use of some of these analytics tools, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.


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