Modern Enterprise – Process – Operations and Infrastructure

Modern Enterprise – Process – Operations and Infrastructure

Operations & Infrastructure are responsibilities that together make up the engine of a company. There are many activities that fall into these areas, but I have outlined several critical ones below.  Each of these twin categories serve to keep your company running efficiently and effectively.  Having clear procedures, and clearly defined outcomes, for each of these aspects of your company is often the difference between organizations bogged down in internal affairs, and those spending time growing their core business.


  1. Hiring, Orienting, and Training EmployeesHuman resources are the key to a business. How does a company manage the inflow and outflow of people?
  2. Allocation of Office SpaceWhen people come to work, do they have a place to work? Do they have a computer or a phone line? Do you have multiple office locations?
  3. Scheduling MeetingsHow do meetings get scheduled across the company especially if there are several clients to manage as well as prospective client meetings. Do you share calendars with your employees? If so, how?


  1. Managing Information SystemsInformation runs a company in more ways than one. Who manages it and how is it managed? How is software evaluated and integrated? Is the information secure?
  2. Managing Technology and HardwareTechnology is everywhere. Is your company a cloud company or one that uses PC servers in house? How are machines cycled after they become obsolete. Is the hardware secure?
  3. Managing Offices and LocationsHow are offices managed? How are new locations added? Who manages the personnel that manage the offices? Are they compliant to laws?

Operations & Infrastructure processes will make or break a company.

Everything is infrastructure including the people.


Img Credit: National Archives


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