Four Key Attributes of Excellent Customer Service

Four Key Attributes of Excellent Customer Service

Based upon our collective years of managing client projects, we at Anant have identified 4 key elements that contribute to excellent customer service. These characteristics are core competencies of excellent customer service: professionalism, timeliness, accessibility and knowledge.  Here is how we define each:

1. Professionalism of Anant representatives/teams

Professionalism entails how we interact with our customers.  Do we speak and act respectfully?  Are we courteous?  Do we have all our “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed?  Does our overall body of work indicate that we are not amateurs, but a highly capable team that is able to deliver products or services that exceed customer expectations on a regular basis?

2. Timeliness of responses to inquiries and requests

Timeliness means that we are attentive to our customers needs and concerns.  It means that we promptly return their calls, emails and other direct requests.  It means that we deliver our products and services to them within the time promised.

3. Ease of accessibility to Anant representatives/teams

Ease of accessibility means that our customers know who they need to speak with at Anant for their specific concerns, questions and issues.  It means that we eliminate barriers to communicating with us directly and that our clients can actually speak with the person that they need to talk to.  It means that when they leave a message – whether in person, via phone or email – we actually respond to them.  When it’s time to communicate, it means that we make the phone call or write the email ourselves and don’t ask someone to do it on our behalf.

4. Ability to answer clients’ inquiries and requests

Our ability to answer client inquiries and requests is an indicator of our knowledge of technology and our own solutions.  We are experts at building and growing a business on the Internet.  As experts we must be able to thoroughly answer questions about the products and services we offer, as well as understand alternative and new and emerging technologies in our sector.

If we can sharpen our ability to deliver on these four competencies, we believe that we will be able to deliver upon our goal of providing excellent customer service.  By utilizing customer satisfaction surveys, as well as laying the foundations for a dedicated customer service department, we are taking the steps necessary to enhance our customers’ experiences.

Question of the Day:

What do you do the ensure your customers have an excellent experience when they work with you?


Img credit: USAID


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