Here’s what we’re reading at Anant this week! This weeks all about bringing people information, music, internet and technology from big names like Twitter, Spotify, Google and Apple.

1. 13 Billion songs later and Spotify turns 1!, via Venturebeat

1 year and 13 Billion songs later Spotify has established themselves as a music platform that is changing the way people share music.

Through heavy social integration with Facebook, over half of their 27.8 million songs shared came from the social media site.

Spotify has more than 18 million tracks and 20 million users globally. The world of music is changing, are you tuned in to the international sound yet?

2. NBC & Twitter team up for the Olympics, via PCMag

Social media takes a giant hurdle forward as Twitter is reportedly teaming up with NBCUniversal to provide up-to-the-minute Olympics information.

Though the official announcement is expected later today, it appears that the partnership will include a dedicated team to centralize all Olympic related tweets into one page during the games.

With this partnership in the works, fans the world over will be able to cheer/tweet their favorite teams and athletes on in real-time. Do you think this level of interaction will enhance the Olympic experience or do you think this is another media distraction that will in the end hurt the athletes competing?

3.  Google Fiber launches in Kansas City, via Reuters

Google attacks traditional cable and ISPs with their new Google Fiber service, offering 1 gigabit internet access and TV service.

Google aims to undercut a market dominated by Time Warner Cable whose fastest internet service costs $99.95, while Google Fiber is offering internet for as low as $70 a month.

Don’t drop your current provider just yet, Google Fiber is currently only available in Kansas City – Kansas & Missouri.

4.  Apple’s new Mountain Lion for Mac Roars, via USAToday

Freed from captivity, Mountain Lion OS X 10.8., Apple’s latest OS has been released after more than a year in development.

Notable upgrades to the operating system include greater iCloud integration, messages, and social sharing, along with a notification system to keep you on top of meetings and emails.

Apple continues to model their user experiences to be more like their mobile devices, the “iOS-ification” of the desktop. Mac owners, are you ready for the big cat?