[Modern Enterprise] Process – Research and Development

Modern Enterprise – Process – Research & Development

I could write a book just on research and development. How to do it, why to do it, and who to do it with.  Yet, with that said if you are investing time and resources into the following areas you are already halfway home.

In no small part, R&D is the differentiator between mediocre companies and those that excel.

Here’s a broad level overview of the areas that Anant focuses on with respect to R&D. Each of these categories is critical for the success of any organization.  If your company has overlooked one of these areas consider investing an hour or two thinking about how this area effects your company and setting a plan for R&D in that area.

1. Market Research
2. Technology Research
3. Operations Efficiency Research

1. Human Capital Development
2. New Product Development
3. Business Process Design

Each organization’s research and development efforts will be different but R&D is critical for any growing enterprise.  In today’s fast moving business world, companies need to be constantly creating new products and services or risk becoming irrelevant as others around them innovate.


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