[Worthy Web] July 6: Assorted Links

Here’s what we’re reading at Anant this week! Everything from how to do business in China to how to recharge when you’re feeling down and burned out.

1. Doing Deals in China, via Tech Crunch

Especially relevant for us over at Anant as we prepare to launch our office in Taipei.

We were once at a dinner with a supplier. There were some incredibly bizarre dishes on the table. We were served a whole chicken that looked raw and still had the head attached; there were monkey brains and many other repulsive-looking dishes that I had no idea about. I picked at a few things and then went to McDonalds afterwards. My business partner tried his best to appear “tough” and proceeded to eat everything. Watching his face was hilarious. He later realised that the book was meaningless and our supplier would still be nice to us as long as we paid on time and kept ordering massive volumes. He learnt the hard way. We still have dinner with that supplier every few months, but these days we take him to a restaurant at our hotel.

2. Content strategy disrupts unethical agency sales practices, via LucidPlot

This is a common problem when you try to scope development—both copywriting and technology—without a clear understanding of what will be required. There are really only three options:

  1. Only work with clients that will accept a 2-phased project (strategy/design + development)
  2. Only deliver work within the bounds of the initial contract
  3. Change order, change order, change order

3. Most Entrepreneurs Should Never Bring on Investors, via Forbes

… We all want to have our vision realized sooner rather than later, but it can be a big mistake to bring in investors rather than patiently building your business at a slow, steady pace (organic growth).

In fact, most of the rich entrepreneurs you know actively turned away early equity proposals. Too many founders are convinced they “need” equity financing, for the wrong reasons, as outlined in the book and supplemented with a bit of my own experience:

4. Sebastian Marshall on Recharging

Something about the day worked — when I woke up for Day Twelve (today), I felt great, much more energy. I actually meant to sleep 10+ hours, but awoke after only 8 hours feeling fantastic. I’m not sure if it was a day with no forcing work (though I did get a few good things done towards the end), the general massage/chilling out, the lots of reading, or the diet cheat day with high calories… but whatever it was, feeling very good the next day.

Grinding away and drilling down when focus/attention is totally shot is a terrible idea… it just doesn’t work. If a little distracted, okay, gear down and work. But it focus/attention totally shot, and it’s largely physical more than mental, then spend some time really recharging physically. So, I did, and feeling great now.


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