How social media can help nonprofits?

At Anant Corporation, we give a lot of thought to how enterprise can leverage the power of the internet to explode their presence online. About half of the staff at Anant have roots and experience in the nonprofit space, and a deep appreciation for social entrepreneurship. As such, we go out of our way to provide counseling to nonprofits and try to put out useful information about internet strategy and presence that can be useful to anyone with a vision for a better world.

As such, the incredible Xin Yuan, Anant Intern extraordinaire, has compiled this week’s edition of the Worthy Web with a focus on information that will benefit the nonprofit space. There are some seriously killer articles in here if you’re looking to make a difference in the world through your organization, which is one of the main reasons we love Xin!

Enter Xin:


I searched out 9 great articles, which can explain how social media can help the nonprofit industry. Here’s a comprehensive list with links and excerpts for anyone out there looking for good information!

1. “9 Killer Ways To Mobilize Action Without Burning A Hole In Your Wallet”, by Christina Lee

In this article, the author said that one serious problem that most nonprofits are faced with is having limited resources and budgets. The power of the social web provides help to some extent: social media is not only a channel for broadcasting information, but also a destination to bring people together, facilitate conversations, spark excitement, and inspire action. The author of this piece focuses on 9 tips to utilize the white label social network site Ning to mobilize your target demographic without reaching too deep into your wallet.

2. “Social Media Best Practices for Non-profit & Public Sector Organizations”, by Jay Moonah

This article concludes that social media creates real connections for nonprofit organizations.

“Social Media provides new ways for people to contribute to causes they care about.” And the author take several steps to tell you how to use social media platforms to communicate and get feedback from your target demographic.

3. “How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media”, by Zoe Fox

This article uses a great graphic to explain and visualize how nonprofits are using social media, presenting two sides of a very relevant debate:

Money Side: Some people think that money doesn’t result in social media success.

Engagement Side: On the other hand, some think that social media is not about money and it’s about getting people to communicate to each other to make people’s lives better.

4. “12 Tips for Nonprofits On Getting Started With Social Media”, by Joanne Fritz

The author quotes 12 tips for nonprofits on getting started with social media from one chapter, which is co-authored by both Sarah DiJulio and Marc Ruben, of a book named People to People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities. Sarah and Marc provide crucial information ranging from a guide to the “lingo” of social sites, to how to plan your entry into social networking.

5. “Nonprofits and Social Media: The Power of Video Story Telling”, by Amy Stephan

This article shows specificly that video is becoming more important than static images. While this trend generally seems to be true online, it also holds true in the nonprofit sector. The author explains the benefits of using video and lists a few examples of what video media can help nonprofits achieve online.

6. “Do Nonprofits Rock at Social Media Marketing? And Other Hot Topics”, by Ryan Pinkham

This article proves that nonprofits do, in fact, rock at social media marketing by making strong arguments through following six points: 1) Nonprofits are more social than ever… and it’s working. 2) Discounts and special offers drive email and facebook fan engagement. 3) Twitter most likely to turn followers into sales. 4) Video marketing could go viral in 2012. 5) Google introduces projects glass. 6) Pinterest now the third most popular social network.

7. “10 Common Mistakes Made by Nonprofits on Social Media”, written for the June 2011 issue  of Fundraising Success Magazine.

The article indicates that many nonprofits are utilizing social media, but doing so without a comprehensive training or strategy. The author lists 10 common mistakes committed by nonprofits in social media, and says that a reexamination of social-strategy is required if your nonprofits has made five or more of the 10 mistakes in this article.

8.“Top 12 Social Media Insights for Nonprofits in 2012”, by Frank Barry to Social Media on April 4th, 2012

The author highlights twelve key social media insights for nonprofits that are intended to help the sector continue becoming effective at using social media from the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

9. “50 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits”, by Chad Norman on Nov 16, 2009

One comprehensive guide to social media strategy for nonprofits online.


A quick note from Anant:

We understand what it means to raise funds for your nonprofit, and have a profound respect for the vision & dedication of the nonprofit sector. It has been our pleasure providing this overview of online fundraising platforms for you and for your non profit, and we sincerely hope it can be useful to you in making strategic decisions for your organization.

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