Great batch of articles/links for you to check out this week. Let’s get started!

Enterprise Operations

How I Manage 40 People Remotely – Ryan Carson, the founder of web-development education platform Treehouse, lives in the U.K. but successfully manages more than three dozen U.S.-based staffers. This post lists the tools he uses to make Treehouse’s transatlantic setup work.

5 Ways to Tell If a Co-Working Space Is Right for Your Start-Up – Co-working is one of the hottest trends in the start-up and remote work communities, but it’s not appropriate for every company or freelancer. Here, ReadWriteWeb runs down five points to keep in mind if you’re thinking about setting up shop in a co-working space.

Paul Graham on Today’s Funding Environment – Renowned VC Paul Graham weighs in on what the drop in Facebook’s share price means for start-up funding. The SparkNotes version? He thinks small firms may have a tougher time raising funds due to Facebook’s disappointing performance.

Fred Wilson’s Response to Graham – Union Square Ventures principal Fred Wilson counters Graham with his own post, saying Facebook is still richly valued. The decline in its stock price, Wilson says, isn’t a cause for concern.

Content Marketing

What to Do When You’re Out of Blogging Ideas – Youth worker Stephen Pepper – who runs the “Youth Workin’ It” blog with his wife – suggests 20 fresh ways of ideating blog topics. Your blog queue will never again be without fresh content!

A New Service for Proofreading Your Copy – As this Social Media Explorer post explains, a new company called Scribendi makes it possible to outsource copyediting for just $10 or $20 per document. If you’re an error-prone writer, Scribendi could be hugely useful.

The Most Successful Email I Ever Wrote – “The Four-Hour Workweek” author Tim Ferriss highlights a post by his friend Derek Sivers, who describes how he gussied up an automated email at the music-distribution company he founded. The copy he wrote became the stuff of legend.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Can Be Effective – Research firm comScore has learned that Facebook ads can, in fact, affect users’ purchasing decisions. Perhaps GM was too hasty in pulling all advertising from the social-media site?

How the Biggest Retailers Manage Their Facebook Presence – The retailers with the largest Facebook fan bases use publishing apps to handle their Facebook pages, data from analytics firm Campalyst shows. Also notable? Nearly two-thirds of retail companies aren’t using a publishing app at all.


“Ready for Anything” Is Surprisingly Good – Strategy blogger Sebastian Marshall pulls a few pithy quotes from David Allen’s “Ready for Anything.” Worth a glance.

The End of Facebook – MySpace flamed out spectacularly. Will Facebook? Mashable takes a comprehensive look at the factors that could spell trouble for the world’s most-visited social network.

Xyleme – Will Xyleme’s content-management technology underpin the future of education and training delivery? Xyleme seems to think so. A very cool concept (which leans heavily on Agile Development and is powered by XML).