[Non Profit Advisory] – Review of Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Anant has advised a host of non profits on web and tech issues, and decided to put together a white paper reviewing all of the best fundraising and CRM software out there. We’ve gone through and outlined the pros and cons of seven of the industry’s biggest fundraising softwares, taken screenshots, and evaluated the ease of use of each piece of software.

There were a few clear winners, with Fundly and Pyrix’s Alumni Fundraising softwares in the lead.

We’re giving this white paper away for free to share the love with our brothers and sisters in the non profit space, and hope that it’ll be useful to anyone out there considering launching a fundraising campaign online.

Question of the Day:

What’s the most unusual way you’ve ever seen someone do fundraising before? For me personally – it was walking around in cowboy clothes for a full month. Yup – everyone made fun of that guy an awful lot, but he wound up hitting his (small) fundraising goal for $1,000!


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