Here at Anant, we make it a point to be constantly reading and educating ourselves in our field. Today, we wanted to share some of the more interesting pieces we’ve come across lately.

1. Building Large Scale JQuery Applications

At the end of the day, if you are looking for an all-inclusive solution, JavaScriptMVC is probably the closest thing available to a mature, well-supported option and I encourage you to check it out if you feel it would benefit you more than a custom-rolled toolkit would. Remember that while comprehensive, JMVC is also completely modular. What this means is that if you desired, you could just take FuncUnit, the Controller and StealJS and use them as your own personal toolkit without much heavy-lifting at all.

I ended up calling it “the paradox of entrepreneurial success.” When you’re the creator of a company, you’re increasing the chances that you’re going to get fired. And when you’re a smashing success, you’re also heightening the chances you’re going to get fired. There are some very concrete reasons for that. Often you begin with a technical founder, a scientific founder, someone with deep knowledge who is the best person to lead the charge during the early development of the product. But as soon as they succeed at hitting that milestone, they have to go and build a company. Often they have the exact wrong set of skills for the next stage of development. And one of the big problems is that their success heightens their belief that they’re the right person to keep running the show.

6. Get offline. I’m not advocating abandoning your email or leaving your smartphone at home, but even tech entrepreneurs recognize that the onslaught of input has to be shut off every now and then. Set aside blocks of time to focus on important projects. You’ll be surprised what an hour or two a day can do for your business.

– Getting offline is sometimes one of the most overlooked ways to be productive and creative in your online business. Which brings us to number 4.

You know, I don’t differentiate between work and play. I think my time is spent in either excellent, good, okay, or bad fashion. If too much of my time is just “okay” or “bad” – I’m doing something wrong.

Creating, enterprising, thinking and planning, and serious exercising and conditioning are all excellent time for me. Socializing, reading, doing maintenance, walking, research, relaxing, and daydreaming are all good. Okay is general-life type stuff or being semi-productive. Bad is submerging my mind entirely – this could be being stuck in a commute/transit without anything I find worth doing (doing business, socializing, listening to audio, or reading while commuting would move the category to excel, good, or okay) – and bad time is giving in to distraction against my will.

Question of the Day:

What cool stuff are you reading?