According to job-search site, .NET developers are in high demand around the nation. There are nearly 14,000 .NET developer openings on CareerBuilder as of this writing, and the average .NET professional earns $85,000 annually.

So it’s a great time to have .NET experience (or to be involved in programming/coding in general, whether for a start-up or an established firm). But is the rush to hire .NET developers relevant to your company?

To be sure, if your firm’s website/online storefront runs on an open-source web application framework like Joomla, .NET expertise may be something you can do without. But because .NET is one of the most widely used frameworks for web page development, the surging demand for .NET developers is indicative of a broader trend – namely, that organizations large and small are creating more-complex, more-engaging online experiences.

Therefore, simple, decontented websites just won’t cut it in today’s marketplace (and, needless to say, not having an online presence isn’t an option). To stand out now, businesses of all sizes must implement highly engaging websites and develop comprehensive strategies for internet marketing, sales and support.

Is your company blazing a new path on the web – or are you being left behind by your competitors? It could be time to take a hard look at where you stand. Your enterprise’s survival (and success) may be in the balance.