[Modern Enterprise Series] Publishing and Broadcasting an Article

One of the best ways to market a service or a product is to publish and broadcast an article that helps people by educating on a subject and also showing that the writer knows what they are talking about.

Writing and publishing builds authority for a person and a company.

Here’s a simple process:

  1. Create an outline for what the firm does. This outline gives you a topic list of subjects that you can potentially write about.
  2. Create a schedule that you will execute on. Whether you are writing a landmark article that will be published in the Harvard Business Review, or a series of blog articles that you are publishing on your site, you must create an keep the schedule.
  3. Draft posts on all your topics and subjects. They don’t need to be perfect. You just need see what you know about and compare it with what other people have published.
  4. Differentiate each post or article with better research, ideas, or a new idea. Being different is what gets you noticed.
  5. Edit the article for the media that you are publishing for. Different methods work for different media. Blogs are better drafted in short pieces vs. printed articles.
  6. Publish and broadcast. Use Email, Social Media, blogs, etc. Don’t underestimate social media and the power of viral marketing.

Keep repeating the process. Make sure that people give you feedback and that your articles help people in addition to showing off your talent.

It’s just that simple.

Question of the day:

What does the picture have to do with establishing authority through publishing?


4 thoughts on “[Modern Enterprise Series] Publishing and Broadcasting an Article

  1. Crazy to see how much a simple process like this one can help a business grow & attain market leadership. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. It is awesome when your eyes are opened to something that you already know but haven’t put it together in the order that it then becomes ingenious. Great article, even greater insight.

  3. I agree. Writing an article helps build your credibility, and can show people that your company knows what they are doing/talking about. These are great tips on how to do this for those that are new to this idea.

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