[Modern Enterprise Series] Process – One Month

Field Columbian Museum Moon Model

Mark Zuckerburg once said that most of Facebook’s initial development was done over the course of a few weeks. If Facebook can be built in a couple of weeks, much more can be done in month. With proper planning, coordination, and people, a team can move mountains.

One of the largest projects that we finished last year was delivered in one month. We flew out to a client’s headquarter on July 22nd. On August 22nd, a site was live and broadcasted to several thousand

We were able to deliver the work because we had a process in place that we had practiced over and over again. Many of the complicated processes in our company take a month to execute. Some of the processes are for delivering “Products & Services” while others are for “Finance & Accounting.”

Why is a month of time so significant? It is a time frame that requires more than just an ability to see how many hours something takes. Designing processes that take a long takes a little vision. Thirty days can be used to move mountains or it can be used to move pebbles.

Monthly processes belong in the realm of executives and managers that can steer the process with authority and leadership if necessary. The sheer magnitude of complexity in a monthly process can be handled well with a team that is managed well. Of course there are month long processes that can be done by individuals.

Here are some examples of Monthly Processes:

  • Collect and Report on Project, Practice, and Corporate Key Performance Indicators
  • Screen, Interview, Hire, and Orient, and Train New Employees to take on Management Positions
  • Plan and Execute a Client Appreciation Networking Event for 100 People
  • Review and Respond to a Multi-Million Dollar Government Contract

The lesson about monthly processes is that they require a certain type of individual to track the various different steps from beginning to end. This requires the individual to see beyond the day and the week and anticipate situations that might throw a wrench into the machine.


Question of the Day:

How do you manage your projects on a month to month basis?


Img: Field Columbian Museum


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