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What is done in a day?


Imagine the one person company in day one. Imagine what gets done by that person in a 14 hour work day.

Then imagine what gets done by be same company 15 years later with 15000 people working in concert in one day.

The daily grind is not why an entrepreneur or enterprise builder enters a new market. An enterprise builder enters new markets to create a better life for themselves and hopefully other people. It starts with one day.

Apart from the overarching processes that run a company which probably take up some of the time, the best time is the unscheduled blocks on a calendar. As these unscheduled blocks of time get “blocked” off, less and less time is available as free time.

There have to be boundaries in daily processes such that the enterprise builder can concentrate on the maintenance, growth, and overall success. Some simple processes we take for granted become full blown departments or systems as a company grows. Here are some examples.

– Moleskine Todos – Basecamp Todos

Cell Phone Contacts  Nutshell Leads

Reading books  Training programs

Eating lunch out  Catering a meal

Meetings  More Meetings

The left and right sides of those examples are wildly different but is it really that difficult to see how a daily habit can become a company habit?

Have you heard the ancient proverb about thoughts becoming words?

“Be careful what you think because your thoughts might become words.

Be careful what you say because your words may become actions. Be careful how you act because your actions will determine your habits. Be careful what habits you cultivate because your habits will shape your character. Be careful of who you become, because that will shape your destiny.

This is why one day is the fundamental capital of the entrepreneur. Or any person for that matter.


Question of the Day:

What do you do with your day to turn thoughts and words into actions and habits?


Img: Cornell Library