“Strategy for Good” was started by four independent non-profit development and internet strategy professionals who want to make the world a better place with the internet. They brainstormed and created a seminar series which would help non-profits, community members and students understand how to use business strategy and technology to do good for their society and the world.

On August 2, 2010, they gave a four-part talk.

Cooper Dukes, a website and workflow expert, delivered the first talk. Dukes addressed the essentials of creating the foundation for an organization’s online presence, covering many “common sense” topics which everyone should review when starting a website.

Marcus Finley spoke on using social media to generate social action. His presentation discussed different types of tools and the types of social action which they can engender to benefit society.

Julia Rota discussed the subject of financially empowering non-profits through proper grant-development practices. Her presentation centered on the due diligence needed to properly fund a new or existing non-profit.

Rahul Singh concluded with a comprehensive overview of executing internet strategy. In today’s business world – one in which the internet is ubiquitous – a new way of thinking is needed. Rahul’s presentation focused on the four stages of internet strategy execution.

We will be reconvening soon to plan Strategy for Good 2.0, which will be taking place in late October. If you would like to help, participate or attend, please let us know by contacting us at sfg@asitchanges.com. All of the talks and presentations are available at our Vimeo account. The four talks will get their own blog posts with embedded presentations in the next few weeks.