IdeaEncore was referred to me by Gavin, who is the CTO/CIO of a “large private foundation”. (I would tell you which foundation he works for, but then I’d be violating a client privacy agreement which I signed while working for my last employer.) What intrigued me about IdeaEncore was its “Certified B Corporation” Status. As a certified B Corp, the firm belongs to a network of social-benefit corporations which share resources and collaborate to create a better world.

B Corps are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corps are unlike traditional responsible businesses because they:

  • Meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards.
  • Institutionalize stakeholder interests.
  • Build collective voice through the power of a unifying brand.

IdeaEncore itself is an excellent resource for non-profit documents. I have signed up for an account, and although I don’t log on daily, I do get a digest in my email which shows me that new documents are added all the time. Here’s a sampling of the documents from the last email:

IdeaEncore Screenshot

Here are just a few examples of the quality ready-to-use tools / templates / training content that are available on IdeaEncore Network.

What Makes an Effective Advocacy Organization?
Shared by TCC Group, Free

Preparing the Path to Leadership
Shared by EDA Consulting, LLC, $10

Your Board and Fundraising: An Introductory Class
Shared by Foundation Center, Free

Volunteer Handbook and Employee Handbook on Volunteer Engagement
Shared by Vantage Point, $25

Mission, Message, and Damage Control
Shared by The Nonprofit Quarterly, Free

As you notice, not all IdeaEncore’s documents are free. The paid documents are uploaded by users like you and me – so that means that there is an opportunity for you to create documents and generate revenue. IdeaEncore has a revenue-sharing model similar to iTunes. Essentially, IdeaEncore is an excellent knowledge hub, similar to DocStoc, SlideShare or ScribD. If you are in the non-profit or social benefit industry, you should consider creating an account, reading up and possibly contributing your own whitepapers and documents to help out others.